Creating Healthy Habits

”You are capable of creating healthy habits and achieving your goals. Healthy habits are essential for a successful, contented life—although they can be difficult to create, the rewards you reap by doing so make it worth the effort. It’s important to set yourself up with achievable goals and then work towards them; if necessary, break down those larger tasks into smaller ones in order to make progress easier.

To begin working on developing your own healthy habits, start by identifying what it is that you want or need from this process. What do you hope these new routines will accomplish? Do you want more energy? To feel happier? More focus during the day? All of these options can become reality through implementing healthier practices within our lives—once identified, we must then determine how we will address each goal in an effective manner.

It’s also beneficial to understand why forming good habits has such a positive effect on our overall wellbeing; studies have shown that habit formation taps into areas of both cognitive processing (decision-making) and stress management while leveraging elements common amongst all human beings—such as motivation and reward systems built around specific actions taken over time indicating progress toward accomplishing desired objectives (i.e., feeling better). In essence, when done right, habit formation provides us with greater control over our environment, which allows us not just greater peace but more comfort too! Therefore, establishing healthy rituals becomes paramount—whether it’s jogging every morning or reading before bedtime each night, this helps keep us motivated while usually leading directly back onto successful outcomes in other parts of life such as productivity/focus levels at work, etc. Now let’s move deeper into some tips for getting started:

First off, establish something called ‘keystone behavior’—this refers to any basic activity which serves as a pillar for other activities related thereto under one umbrella, i.e., eating breakfast daily forms part thereof, thus encouraging further healthful action throughout associated days, i.e., drinking lots of water after meals. Next comes finding ways to celebrate successes, no matter how small—acknowledging accomplishments brings gratitude and joy, thus motivating continuing acts. Eventually, try setting realistic expectations—remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight, and the same applies here. Especially appropriate when talking about a physical fitness or exercise regimen—it’s easy to fall prey to the trap of expecting results fast, which will only lead to disappointment and discouragement. Therefore, begin small and build upon the already created foundation. That said, there’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself hard if you desire to achieve peak performance; in either case, it’s always best to draw the line between an unhealthy obsession and extremes. Finally, maintain consistency—the key factor for success in sustainable changes entails patience and perseverance; eventually, these will come to fruition. Take advantage of the tools available to help along the way—apps and websites provide a perfect platform for achieving these types of objectives; the ultimate goal being to enjoy a happy, healthful lifestyle to the fullest. Good luck taking these steps and striding forward on your journey!”

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Guest Post by Stephanie Hampton