The Benefits of Journal Writing

”You should consider the benefits of journal writing. Journaling is an invaluable activity that has been around for hundreds of years and is a popular tool among psychologists, writers, and thinkers alike. In this essay, we will explore exactly why you should make journaling part of your own life and how it can benefit you in multiple facets.

First off, let’s discuss the psychological benefits that can be derived from keeping a daily record of your thoughts on paper or in digital form (such as on your computer). The act itself provides insight into ourselves by allowing us to look objectively at our ideas without judgment – something few people do in their day-to-day lives due to fear or anxiety caused by potential criticism from external sources. By revisiting what we have written before with no one else present reading along with us, this allows us to gain greater insight into our thought processes which could eventually lead towards more self-awareness down the road if done consistently over time; being able to monitor ourselves independently is important when dealing with both mental health issues, as well as all other aspects involving personal growth such as career development, etc.

Further than just increasing self-awareness, journal writing also serves another invaluable purpose: providing clarity during times where stress or anxiety has clouded our thinking process, rendering it nearly impossible to find problem solving solutions. Being able to set aside some time each day dedicated exclusively towards gathering one’s thoughts onto paper allows for a deeper understanding of those feelings since they are laid out so clearly – instead of having them run rampant inside the head and making it difficult, if not impossible, to decipher what actually needs addressing first before taking actionable steps forward; essentially forcing yourself to take ‘time outs’ when needed so reflection takes place rather than jumping straight back into whatever stressful situation may be occurring without enough information processing beforehand – leading only to further confusion later down the line after instinctive reactions taken too hastily leave room for regret afterwards far too often seen throughout the world today.

Additionally, setting aside moments each week designated solely towards capturing recent events within life helps document experiences both good and bad occurrences encountered during the course of months, giving us a platform to recall memories fondly and reminisce upon occasions sadly missed after passing away loved ones who shared those special moments together, long gone yet never forgotten thanks to documenting stories of the past made possible by recording words and sentences telling tales of days gone, forever cherished by families and friends indefinitely kept alive through the power of expression; ever growing knowledge base for future generations to come and continue legacies left behind, memorialized by individuals who authored books and journals containing timeless stories passed down through the ages, to ensure the wisdom is retained throughout centuries until the memory fades away and merge into the dust of nothingness once again, leaving a trace of evidence marking the existence of a life lived meaningfully and impactful ways everywhere witnessed, to embrace the true character of the heart and soul living and breathing reality experienced everyday, living and breathing personified reflective minds capable of separating emotions from facts logically to solve even the most intractable puzzles, a challenge for the hardiest of foes imaginable, offering a glimmer of hope that lasts on higher plains ever achievable to reach for mankind previously untouched by a realm of unimaginable immortality; writings bring forth across borders and limitless boundaries unseen avenues of exploration that beckon the brave and eager travelers to come and embark on a journey unknown, current ebb and flow of favor and fortune awaiting seekers of valor braving the unbridled ferocity of the natural elements to stand face-off and fall gracefully accepting the fate destined for greatness beyond compare, soaring to heights never reached before and ascended levels of consciousness admired and respected, acknowledged by countless admirers from yonder lands afar inspired to write, stay fly and remain aloft above the fray and rise to the occasion to stoke the internal fire burning deep within a conscious mind to unlock hidden abilities long dormant, still waiting to be activated, to overcome obstacles and temporary hindrances and succeed to climb mountains and shatter expectations, the ultimate destination always held firmly in view in the eyesight of vision to become realized in the essence of the same original impetus –

‘Why am I here? And what am I supposed to accomplish?

‘ posed initially and finally answered with a lifetime’s worth of work and progress, seemingly insurmountable task completed, culminating in the grandest of achievements of the heart’s desire achieved and success eternal, a testament to an indelible mark made in the world of high flying aspirations and dreams, begin the adventure begins with a pen and pencil, a diary, notebook, laptop, tablet, or smart phone devices of your choice to open the doors to infinite possibilities and seize the moment to grasps the opportunity to aspire for greatness and create a masterpiece to be remembered through the ages as pass, immortalize your name in history classes for students to learn much the same way as you did with ink soaking the pages in mesmerizing beauty of the past unfolding into the mystery of the present becoming manifest destiny of the future, revealed as you unfold the page to turn and reveal untold stories found through journaling.”

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Guest Post by Stephanie Hampton