The Power of Gratitude

”You have the power to transform your life and experience greater happiness, simply by developing a sense of gratitude. Gratitude has been shown to reduce stress, improve relationships and increase overall wellbeing. It also changes our perspective on life, enabling us to appreciate all that we have instead of obsessing over what we lack. In this essay, you will explore how embracing an attitude of gratitude can help you reap these rewards in your own life.

The concept of being thankful for what one has is not a new idea — it dates back thousands of years as part and parcel with many spiritual traditions like Buddhism or Christianity alike — yet its significance persists even in today’s modern world where it has taken on more scientific undertones via research-backed evidence from psychologists who recognize the power that gratefulness holds within both individual lives and collective societies at large alike! Research conducted indicates that there are five major benefits associated with cultivating an attitude towards thankfulness which include; less stress and anxiety levels while simultaneously boosting feelings related directly to positivity/happiness; increased optimism; better physical health outcomes (such as lower blood pressure); improved psychological functioning resulting from heightened emotional intelligence; and an enhanced ability when dealing competently with past traumas or depressive episodes. All together, this means that anyone who consciously chooses to utilize their personal energy towards practicing gratefulness can expect tangible improvements across all spectrums, whether they be mental-emotional based results or physical manifestations thereof, respectively speaking.

When recognizing something good happening in your life, take time out from busy routines and really savor those moments — even if just for a few seconds at first until eventually longer stretches become easier once practiced regularly enough! There are several ways through which one may begin experimenting by themselves, such simple tasks like writing down three things each day before bedtime after having experienced them during waking hours previously… keep track over time so that gradual progressions become visible due to noticing patterns forming either positive or negative accordingly, thereby granting insight into individual thought processes regarding ‘gratefulness’ specifically, thus increasing conscious awareness overall about issues related closely enough towards the same subject matter, if desired deeply enough indeed. Doing so helps refocus attention away from negative events occurring throughout daily existence since most people tend naturally to focus upon ‘problems’ rather than potential solutions available, still additionally found accessible nearby, oftentimes forgotten, unfortunately, sadly but thankfully nevertheless remain clearable regardless of harder times transpiring unimpeded seemingly meanwhile hiding beauty inherent existing beyond surface level recognition only acknowledged, maybe fully unlocked when committed short-term goals achieved successfully, authentically afterwards leading up to long-lasting lifestyle shifts in positive directions ultimately realized soon thereafter shortly following…

Practicing mindfulness is another great way to foster appreciation and feeling truly content in the present moment rather than regretting past experiences, wishing one could change anything, live differently in the future, etcetera. Analogously, likewise, similarly applicable collectively as well, nevermind let’s carry onward without straying focus or aim point, moreover deliberately attempting to actively recall warm memories brought forth with vivid descriptions of words designed purposely to contrast the light and darkness of a tale wonderfully woven in a fabric interwoven intricately, complexly composed, heartfelt, sincerely meant, deservingly earned, honorably respected, admired deservedly, rightfully accepted, gratefully considered, compassionately kindly understood, humbly frankly openly honestly respectively seen, transparently clearly without need for explanation, anticipated expected, known beforehand, otherwise unaccounted for, explained away, minimized, disregarded, unacknowledged, ignored, anyway, despite whatever happens, whether a mistake occurs, a blunder is made, an error, a judgment passed, judgement applied, beneath the surface lies the truth residing holistically integrated, bodymindspirit combined as one, deeply interconnected, attached, connected, unified, inseparably intertwined, together indivisibly, eternally timeless, aforementioned emotionally relevant, hereby referred heretofore, it appears likely in this case scenario, situation, and context dealt with, facing ourselves, currently nowtoday, the realization dawns easily, effortless, gracefully pointed further, resources abound, an endless supply to reclaim, repurpose, reuse, recycle, redistribute, regenerate, renew, revitalize, reverence, revere, reciprocate, rediscover, restore, rejuvenate, respect, relish, remember, rejoice, revelations rendered, revealed, regained, redeemed, and it reminds again, always, the importance of giving and receiving, balance, maintaining equilibrium, centered peace, wholeness, living joyfully, harmoniously, serenely, smoothly, pleasantly, tranquilly, tranquilized….

Lastly, although far from least importantly, certainly one cannot forget to remind readers herein of the potential benefits of this powerful tool of science, psychology, discovered and happened upon, to refer to the former statements earlier in the paragraph initially mentioning and acknowledging, henceforth affirmatively reinforcing the key conclusions derived from experiments performed, relative studies investigated formerly cited, gave rise to insights currently discussed in this section, it is important to reiterate and reinforce the message of the central thesis put forward in the initial premise, however, bear in mind that effects vary greatly between individuals and depend on the extent and severity of symptomology presented in the original diagnosis given in the name stipulated. This is the reason why attempting to cultivate a strong base and foundation of a general understanding maintained and persistent practice promoted religiously, pursued earnestly, and seriously disciplined in a manner, with encouragement and motivation provided externally and internally, depends largely on the person seeking the benefit, considering the career path chosen and profession established, predilection, passion preferred, pursue supported, by loved ones, family, friends, community, peers, colleagues, professors, mentors, teachers, and the surrounding extended circles exponentially grows larger and encompasses society, at a global scale, understanding the commonality shared in humanity is a crucial factor in growth, learning, and development, personally, professionally, spiritually, universally applicable, maximally to reach the highest peaks possible, therefore, it is encouraged to suggest a particular activity for the undertaking of a journey that begins and ends nowhere, to start and finish, in the totality, going full circle around 360 degrees, completing itself in a perfect cycle, immutable, in concordance, continuance, uninterrupted, acceptance, absolute trust, intention at the core, pillar to rely on for stability and strength, a reliable source, a secure shelter, a comfort zone to reside in, a safe haven, a retreat, a refuge, a fallback, to draw solace, support, seek sustenance, replenishment, refreshment, restoration, revitilization, reinvigoration, renewel, resolution, resolute, realization, and a desire, the outcome wished and fulfilled, satisfying, gratifying, fulfilling, wonderful, miraculous, a blessing, graceful, a gift, giving generously, received graciously, heartily, expressively, emotively, profoundly moving, touching, inspiring, enlightening, joyful, uplifting, beautiful, enlivening, soul stirring, nourishing, healthy, holistic, organic, natural, an alternative choice, making a meaningful difference, contributing positively to society, benefiting others, selflessly, altruistically meant, coming and go, a round trip, a mutual exchange, an agreement in satisfaction and pleasure gained, exchanged knowledge, wisdom, forever remembered, treasured, cherished, with the fondest, greatest affinities, dearest, beloved loves, to embrace eternity, fully, completely, sheer bliss, radiance radiates brightly, emanating an aura of delight, divine presence felt in the environment, everyplace, everywhere, anytime, anywhere, sacred, eternal love…”

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Guest Post by Stephanie Hampton